Our favorites

Field kitchen „Reissdorf“ served in iron pot
with a rye roll
8,90 €
Gulaschsuppe krftig deftig

„Currywurst XXL“ sausage with curry sauce
and french fries
9,90 €

„Himmel un Äd“
fried black pudding with mashed potatoes mixed
with apple sauce and served with braised onions
11,90 €
Jürgen´s homemade Hämmchensülze with fried potatoes
remoulade and small salad
11,90 €
Gemischter Sülzenteller -von der Naturmetzgerei Hennes aus Köln-

Endive salad with crispy knuckle-meat fried potatoes and
cream herb dressing
14,90 €

Cold roast beef slices, with homemade herb remoulade
served with fried potatoes and small salad
14,09 €
Roastbeef kalt mit hausgemachter Kräuterremoulade dazu Bratkartoffeln und Salatgarnitur

Crispy knuckle of pork from the oven
– with rye roll
15,90 €

– with coleslaw
15,90 €
Knusprige Schweinshaxe aus dem Ofen - mit Zimmermann’s Röggelchen

„Hahnentorburg Pfanne“
pork fillets with fried potatoes green beans,and
creamy pepper sauce

Original Wiener schnitzel from calf with lukewarm
potato cucumber salad
19,90 €


Savory treats

Four slices of bruschetta with ragout of tomatoes, basil
and red onions
8,90 €

Small pan with prawns fried in herb-garlic oil served
with homemade aioli and ciabatta
12,90 €


Small culinary delights


„Halve Hahn“ rye roll with butter and a thick slice
of middle-aged Gouda
4,90 €

„Halven Hahn“ mit mittelaltem Holländer, Zimmermann’s Röggelchen & Butter

„Kölsche Kaviar“ blackpudding with onion rings rye roll
and butter
5,90 €

Fried potatoes with two fried eggs
and small salad
8,90 €

Pancace with ham and mixed salad
8,90 €

Swiss sausage salad with red onions and
herb cucumbers
– with rye roll
8,90 €
– with fried potatoes
10,90 €

Beef and pork loaf with fried egg, fried potatoes and sweet mustard
11,90 €

Herring in cream sauce with apple and cucumber
slices served with fried potatoes
12,90 €

Original tarte flambee

– All tartes with onions and crème fraîche –

with leek and bacon
8,90 €

with mediterranean vegetables and cherry tomatoes
8,90 €

with Serrano ham, rocket, cherry tomatoes
& Parmesan cheese
11,90 €

Pork specialties


Brew house steak 400 g with fried onions, herb butter
and fried potatoes
16,90 €



All Schnitzel dishes are served with french fries and mixed salad
„Wiener Art“ with lemon
12,90 €

„Madagaskar“ with green pepper cream sauce
13,90 €

„Riesling Schnitzel“ with fresh mushrooms
13,90 €

„Cordon Bleu Art“ stuffed with ham and cheese
14,90 €


For kids

Small schnitzel with french fries
8,90 €

Small fried sausage with french fries
7,90 €



Argentinian grain fed point steak 300 g
17,90 €

Argentinian Rumpsteaks 400 g
24,90 €

Reissdorf - Steak

Side dishes

Fresh horse radish
2,00 €
Sauce Béarnaise
2,90 €
Creamy green pepper sauce
2,90 €
Braised onions
2,90 €
Fried mushrooms
3,90 €
Green beans with bacon
3,90 €
French fries or fried potatoes
3,90 €
Mashed potatoes
3,90 €
Small mixed salad
4,50 €
Side salad
2,50 €
Rye roll
1,50 €

Crispy salads

Large salad dish

with fried mushrooms
8,90 €

with ciabatta scalloped with goat cheese,
honey and thyme
12,90 €

with fried chicken slices and fried
13,90 €

with honey mustard dressing
with yogurt cream herb dressing

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